Book Review: Hiss Of Death by Rita Mae Brown

I fear that I really have given up on Rita Mae Brown ever writing any more of her wonderful non-genre novels.   But I will say that Brown’s latest Mrs. Murphy mystery continues… Continue reading

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 4– A Book That Makes You Cry

This post is part of Jake Kern’s 30 Day Book Challenge. Today’s challenge is “a book that makes you cry”.    While honestly,  it is not that uncommon for me to get emotionally wrapped… Continue reading

Book Review: Iglu by Jacob Sackin

Most serious observers agree that we have already begun to see the effects of climate change and global warming.   Author Jacob Sackin projects a hundred or more years in the future and… Continue reading

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 3–Book that makes you laugh out loud

ROFLMAOPIMPWTIME.  It’s the most expansive acronym in my tool box to indicate that one is Really laughing his ass off because something is Really funny. I have only actually used this acronym in… Continue reading

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2– Least Favorite Book

As difficult as choosing my all time favorite book for yesterday’s post was,   I found choosing my least favorite book an even greater challenge.   It’s not that I never dislike any… Continue reading

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 1–Favorite Book

This post is part of Jake Kern’s 30 Day Book Challenge. After a lifetime of reading thousands of books,   I have to say that naming just one as my favorite is a true… Continue reading

30 Day Book Challenge–via Jake Kern

I don’t often post or respond to memes on this blog.   Long time readers may recall my post The Einstein’s Brain God Does Not Exist meme,  but as the years have gone… Continue reading

Book Review: Innocents and Demons by Holly Jahangiri

In my experience,  writing things short can be a real challenge.   It is,  frankly,  a lot more difficult to sum something up in 500 succinct words rather than ramble on for 5000… Continue reading

Book Review: Life of Shouty: Good Habits

In illustrated children’s books,  appearances count.  For the youngest readers and pre-readers much information is conveyed by the illustrations in story books.   And it seems to me that a paunchy, middle aged… Continue reading

eBook Review: StoryWonk’s Booklet Of Simple Advice For The Self-Publishing Author

I’m finding that I rarely go to the library any more.    I’ve become very enthused about Smashwords and about self-publishing.   I’m very pleased that I now often receive e-books for review.… Continue reading