Kingdom of Ten Thousand Things

Gary Geddes is a poet, editor and teacher in Vancouver, BC who is fascinated by stories of Huishen, an obscure Buddhist monk said to have fled persecution in Kabul, Afghanistan circa 450BC, traveled… Continue reading

Jumping Off The Planet

Happy Birthday to me. Forty-three today, egad. Working a longish shift at Eatonville library, blogging on my breaks, and contemplating growing older and growing up as I push my cart through the stacks.… Continue reading

an irritating immigration mystery

I found this latest installment in Rita Mae Brown‘s Mrs. Murphy series a bit of a mixed bag. The newly re-married Harry and Fair (Mary Minor and Pharamond) Haristeen have driven to Kentucky… Continue reading

Remembering Katrina

Today I want to talk about a couple of Katrina books I’ve read recently. DISASTER Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Homeland Security provided a very different perspective and proved very enlightening. The… Continue reading

Not Left Behind

Joel and Alan– Summer 1997 I really like the way Bev’s blog shows This Day In My History, allowing easy access to posts from this day in years past. This started out to… Continue reading

Taking The Plunge

So I took a paid training class at library headquarters in Social Web Literacy and decided it was finally time for me to start blogging. I doubt I will ever be the uber… Continue reading