30 Day Book Challenge: Day 3–Book that makes you laugh out loud

ROFLMAOPIMPWTIME.  It’s the most expansive acronym in my tool box to indicate that one is Really laughing his ass off because something is Really funny. I have only actually used this acronym in one book review,  for  Lisa Patton’s Whistling Dixie In A Nor’Easter.   Patton’s novel about Leelee Saterfield, a proper Memphis belle who finds herself uprooted and transported to frozen Vermont where she is thrust into the role of running a complex business in a distinctly hostile environment is one of the most laugh out loud funny books I’ve ever read.    Patton is masterful in her portrayal of Leelee as well as the peculiarities of Vermont.     Whistling Dixie is a wonderful tale that in the end is quite uplifting as well as funny.    You can read my review here.