Susan Wells Bennett

This is a fan page for #indie novelist Susan Wells Bennett,  whose humorous contemporary tales have been delighting readers all over.

Feature:  Read my interview with Susan

Reviews of Susan’s Books:

Desert Choir

Circle City Blues

The Prophet’s Wives (recently read)

An Unassigned Life

The Brass Monkey Series 

Just One Note


Buy Susan’s Books:

Desert Choir   eBook $0.99

Circle City Blues    eBook $2.99    paperback  $12.99

An Unassigned Life  eBook $2.51   paperback $12.99

The Thief Of Todays And Tomorrows   eBook $2.99  paperback $12.99

The Prophet’s Wives  eBook $2.99   paperback $12.99

Forsaking The Garden eBook $2.99   paperback $12.99

Just One Note  eBook $2.99   paperback $9.99

The Brass Monkey Novels   complete 4 novel eBook set  $9.99  (save $2 over buying each separately)

Wild Life  eBook $2.99  paperback $12.99

Charmed Life  eBook $2.99   paperback $12.99

Night Life   eBook $2.99   paperback $12.99

New Life   eBook $2.99   paperback $12.99