First,  please note that book reviews are not a “service”.     While I am happy to accept review copies of books,   all reviews are my honest considered opinion about the book.   I do not ever, under any circumstances accept payment or other compensation for any reviews.

I am available as a consultant in the fields of self-publishing and social networking.

If you are an independent author I can guide you through the self-publishing process,  assist you with formatting your book for publication through one of several eBook and printed book service providers.  I can also help you to select the best service providers for your particular needs and guide you in marketing your book or books.

I also help authors, entrepreneurs and other small business people to understand and navigate the world of social networking.     I can help you to identify what social sites your customers and prospective customers are using the most.   I also offer community management and content creation services.

I have been making friends and maintaining relationships online for more than twenty years now.   While I am not a   “copy/paste social media expert”   I do know a great deal about creating relationships and building communities online.    If you are ready to publish a book or need help with social media,  I urge you to send me a message at   There is no charge for an initial consultation,  and you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much you get for your money.     As a client,  your complete satisfaction is my first priority.   If you are genuinely unsatisfied with my work,  I will not take your money.

Please note–  I am deaf.   I do not use the telephone at all.     All business communications will be via e-mail,  instant messaging or online “chat”.     If you strongly prefer to do business on the phone,  please choose another consultant.

Thank you for your interest in my consulting services.   Please accept my best wishes for success in all of your writing, publishing and social networking pursuits.