Book Review: Three Moons Over Sedona by Sherry Hartzler

Georgia Mae Brown is a 53 year old widow in Columbus, Ohio.   One morning she sets off for the nearby store to buy a carton of milk.   For some reason,  and… Continue reading

Book Review: Desert Choir By Susan Wells Bennett

If you have not as yet read any books by Susan Wells Bennett,  this is the book for you.    Desert Choir is an anthology containing several pieces of short fiction,  as well as… Continue reading

Book Review: The Dirty Parts of the Bible by Sam Torode

Tobias Henry is the teen aged son of a Baptist preacher in rural Michigan.   He also is the narrator of The Dirty Parts Of The Bible,  a rollicking fun novel that relates… Continue reading

Book Review: An Unassigned Life by Susan Wells Bennett

I always enjoy books that make me think.    Susan Wells Bennett’s An Unassigned Life gave me rather quite a lot to think about.   In all of the years that I learned… Continue reading

Book Review: Just One Note by Susan Wells Bennett

It feels like a time for quiet and reflection today.   My pen name has been busy “living it up so that I can write it down”,  and now I am definitely ready… Continue reading

Book Review: A Time To Lie by D. W. Hardin

Ever since I happened upon an old Nancy Drew novel in my first grade classroom library,  I have been a fan of mysteries.    I enjoy many of the mystery sub-genres such as… Continue reading

Book Review: Illegal by Paul Levine

{EAV:0d4fd27d369d5685} To me one of the surest signs of a good writer is the ability to make me  root for a character I would never have expected to like.    While I would… Continue reading

Book Review: Kingdom Of Sharks by Andrew Johnston

This is not the first time I have reviewed a memoir about an extended visit to China.   Normally I would begin this review of Andrew Johnston’s Kingdom Of Sharks by explaining how Johnston,… Continue reading

An Impossible Position OR Book Review: The Little Pink eBook of (mostly) Cancer Cartoons

This post should have been a little song of praise for Kate Matthews,  a cancer survivor whose The Little Pink eBook of (mostly) Cancer Cartoons  is new this week.    Unfortunately, does… Continue reading

Welcome To The Gulag

My friend Wayne Hurlbert recently posted a link to this article,  which speculates that readers may temporarily see lower eBook prices after a judge ruled against Apple and a consortium of big publishers… Continue reading