30 Day Book Challenge: Day 1–Favorite Book

This post is part of Jake Kern’s 30 Day Book Challenge.

After a lifetime of reading thousands of books,   I have to say that naming just one as my favorite is a true challenge.  Over the years so many of the books I’ve read have moved me,  expanded my horizons or evolved my thinking.     If I have to name just one all time favorite book,  my choice would be John Kennedy Toole’s comic novel A Confederacy of Dunces.    Not only is Confederacy a richly plotted novel,  filled with characters who are both uniquely original and at the same time archetypes  that many New Orleanians will readily recognize,  it is also very much a vivid portrait of New Orleans in the mid-1960’s.     That New Orleans where I was born and raised doesn’t really exist any more.  (How much places change is I believe one of the biggest lessons one learns by moving away from one’s hometown.)   While I have read and loved many books,  it is Confederacy Of Dunces that I re-read and revisit every year,  enjoying as it were a brief vacation in the city where I was born.