About the Links

Book covers that appear in posts on this blog link to Worldcat, a meta search engine for public libraries. By entering your zip code (just once) Worldcat will locate the nearest copy.   If this doesn’t happen to be at your library, check with your library’s reference desk or web site for information about Interlibrary Loan.   Most libraries will be happy to borrow the book on your behalf from another system.   Book titles that appear in most blog posts published prior to April 27, 2009   link to a Powells.com sales page for that title.    Based in Portland Oregon, Powell’s is one of the largest independently owned and operated book stores in the world. I know them to be an ethical and responsible company and am proud to be a Powell’s associate.     In posts published on or after April 27, 2009   book titles appearing in posts link to either a Powell’s or Amazon affiliate link.    Since 2011 I have begun promoting mostly #indie fiction which is not available from most public libraries.   For #indie fiction,   both the book cover and title are linked to affiliate Amazon sales pages.