Leaping To The Stars

My intention to post about a different book every day has come to seem hopelessly optimistic. I have been temping at the libraries more or less full time and just have not found… Continue reading

New Orleans Mon Amour

I vaguely remember reading, not too long before I left New Orleans in the mid–late eighties of the arrival of Andrei Codrescu, though I don’t recall hearing anything of him since and had… Continue reading

3 from Ron's stack

Ron and I have very different tastes in books and bring home very different stacks of books. But sometimes I read some of his or vice versa. Here’s three of his choices that… Continue reading

Bayou Farewell

In June 2002 my father passed away and Joel and I went to New Orleans for the funeral. While we were there, The Times Picayune, published a series of articles titled Washing Away… Continue reading

Metzger's Dog

When I started blogging I had said I was only going to write about new releases here. I realized a bit later that I meant new releases as libraries define them (we may… Continue reading

The Martian Child

Feh. It seems disingenuous to keep on about how much I detest DDGFBFGF (Dan-David-GoodFag-BadFag-Gerrold-Friedman) and then keep blogging about his books every day. Though I can honestly say that I disliked this one.… Continue reading

Bouncing Off The Moon

So I finished the sequel to Jumping Off The Planet. And I liked it. If anything, the Heinlein influence is even stronger in this installment, particularly the concept of a computer "waking up"… Continue reading

Breach of Faith

Another Katrina book today. Like The Great Deluge, Breach of Faith documents Katrina’s assault on New Orleans through the stories of dozens of people who lived through it. While Deluge strictly limited itself… Continue reading


Sometimes, while checking in books and marveling at some of the crap that people actually read, I come across a book that is odd enough to spark my interest. So it was that… Continue reading

Reading The Cards

Working a full day down in Eatonville again today and tired cuz an almost full can of diet Pepsi got knocked over into the bed and flooded us out just as I was… Continue reading