Book Review: Innocents and Demons by Holly Jahangiri

In my experience,  writing things short can be a real challenge.   It is,  frankly,  a lot more difficult to sum something up in 500 succinct words rather than ramble on for 5000 words.   For me, at least,  this is especially true when it comes to crafting fiction.  I have huge respect for writers who can create short stories with believable characters and situations that come alive in just a few short pages.    And with Innocents and Demons,  Holly Jahangiri has shown me that when it comes to shorts,  she can deliver the goods.

The settings and themes of Jahangiri’s stories vary a great deal.   While there are a couple of vampire stories and some of the story outcomes are in fact reminiscent of Stephen King– the quiet, middle aged mother who builds a wall between herself and her whiny, teen-aged daughter and emotionally distant husband or the family secrets long hidden in a basement freezer–  Innocents and Demons is a slice of a number of different lives,  served up always with a twist.   I found that I was as impressed by Jahangiri’s  fast paced story telling and believable characters as by the artful twist she gave to each story.

I highly recommend Innocents and Demons to anyone who enjoys fast-paced stories with good writing and believable characters.    I’m most pleased to offer to my blog readers  25% off the eBoook, which is available for $2.99 at Smashwords.     By entering coupon code  ZG79C  and then hitting refresh on the Smashwords order screen,  you will receive Innocents and Demons in your choice of any eBook format for only $2.39.   Innocents and Demons by Holly Jahangiri– Highly Recommended

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