30 Day Book Challenge: Day 4– A Book That Makes You Cry

This post is part of Jake Kern’s 30 Day Book Challenge.

Today’s challenge is “a book that makes you cry”.    While honestly,  it is not that uncommon for me to get emotionally wrapped up in a work of fiction,  and I have in fact cried all to frequently in the course of my readings,   but one writer who consistently draws tears, as well as almost every other emotional response I am capable of is Pat Conroy.     For me,  Conroy is a  truly wonderful novelist,  whose praise I can not begin to sing loudly enough.   And Conroy’s most recent novel South of Broad features Conroy at his best in a gripping, emotional novel that is as deep as the ocean and as broad as all humanity.   If you haven’t already read South of Broad,   you really, really should.