Book Review: Desert Choir By Susan Wells Bennett

desert choirIf you have not as yet read any books by Susan Wells Bennett,  this is the book for you.    Desert Choir is an anthology containing several pieces of short fiction,  as well as a very powerful essay or memoir and even a bit of poetry.    In less than four years as a full time writer,  Susan has published fully ten novels,  and it has been truly amazing to have the opportunity to see Susan develop and grow into her craft as a novelist.

I actually regret in retrospect that I did not think to initially approach reading all of Susan’s books in the order in which they were published.    Circle City Blues,  was the first of Susan’s novels that I read and it was also the first published.   It wasn’t until last week however that I finally got around to reading The Prophet’s Wives,  and was of course utterly delighted by that short and rather bitter sweet second novel.   I have already read and reviewed An UnAssigned Life,  Susan’s third published novel.    I have to figure out what comes next until I get to the last five novels Susan published,  all of which I have read and reviewed.

What is most remarkable about all of Susan’s novels is her unique ability to hear and transcribe each of her many, many, many characters own voices and let them talk to each other sounding like themselves rather than like the author.    That is a skill I truly lack and it greatly limits my own ability to write fiction.    The short stories in this volume address a range of different characters between grifters who try to fleece a victim who’s way too savvy for them to zombies trying to survive in a post civilization sort of world to a true story about her grandfather’s end of life choice,  which some readers may find heroic and other readers might take issue with.    If you haven’t already discovered just how wonderful Susan is,   Desert Choir is a quick and easy read that allows you to see the surprising range of Susan’s truly remarkable talent.

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