An Impossible Position OR Book Review: The Little Pink eBook of (mostly) Cancer Cartoons

This post should have been a little song of praise for Kate Matthews,  a cancer survivor whose The Little Pink eBook of (mostly) Cancer Cartoons
 is new this week.    Unfortunately, does not allow independent book reviewers and sellers to earn any commission on eBook sales.   Which leaves me feeling at best ambivalent about promoting eBooks.

Ms. Matthews is not an especially gifted artist,  but her one panel cartoons have a rawness as well as a depth of emotion that I found most moving.   And the 99 cent cover price for approximately fifty pages of cartoons seemed like a good deal to me.   I was thrilled at how well the book displayed on my Android tablet.

I’m beginning to feel like a broken record.   Since Amazon will not pay commissions on eBook sales,  I find myself most reluctant to promote eBook sales on Amazon.   The dilemma of course is that,  as I observed in a previous post,  Amazon is really winning the eBook platform war– I mostly read in a Kindle app on my droid,  because it really is better than any of the alternatives.     But being cut completely out of the profit equation is a huge disincentive for me to review and promote books.   I have and will continue to promote Smashwords as an alternative,  though the lack of convenience is I know a big dis-incentive for readers to use Smashwords rather than buying in Kindle.     I fear that Amazon has pretty much succeeded in getting me out of the business of reviewing and promoting books.   And I find that sad.

The Little Pink eBook of (mostly) Cancer Cartoons