Book Review: Three Moons Over Sedona by Sherry Hartzler

3 moons over sedonaGeorgia Mae Brown is a 53 year old widow in Columbus, Ohio.   One morning she sets off for the nearby store to buy a carton of milk.   For some reason,  and for the first time in her life,  she drives not her own sensible Honda Civic but her late husband’s  1976 Cadillac Fleetwood convertible.   For no reason she can articulate she drives right past the grocery store and gets on the freeway heading west.   And is soon off on a trip to Sedona, Arizona that will change her life.

I really liked the way author Sherry Hartzler allows Georgia’s story to reveal itself gradually.   It is not until after Georgia has driven all the way to Arizona,  where she quickly makes friends,  finds employment and is soon caught up in a whole new life with a bunch of new people,  when after three or four months Georgia returns home to Ohio,  that the reader comes to fully understand how Georgia’s late husband died and what particular circumstances led her to run away to the desert.

Three Moons Over Sedona was a very different take on the “adult runaway”  kind of story.    It was in some ways a novel about over-coming loss and moving on after losing a spouse.   It was also a story about a mature woman coming into her own and moving beyond some of the limits she found restricting her,  as she struggled to deal with her late husband’s very public betrayal,  which kind of made her a laughing stock.    Readers will really root for Georgia as she pursue her new life in Arizona,  beginning a new career she seems to excel at and making the kinds of close personal friends that most everyone wants and so few people actually have.   If you enjoy comic/romantic novels about mature, aspiring women,   Three Moons Over Sedona is Recommended.

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