It probably has not escaped anyone’s notice that I almost never publish book reviews anymore.   Indeed,  my reading habits have undergone a great deal of change.   I am very much enjoying my Cruz Android tablet,  which has proved to be a near ideal eReader for me.      I am very much enjoying meeting and reading some great new indie authors as well as many, many free titles (both older, out of copyright classics and new novels written and sold at the price point free).     I almost never go to the library anymore.

When I was working at the library and promoting books that I selected at the library,  my Amazon aStore allowed me to sell all of the featured titles,  and over the years I have actually made perhaps ten dollars in commissions on sales I’ve referred to Amazon.      Boy, was that ever a #winning move in the web publishing game.   /sarcasm

Going forward,  I expect I will only be promoting books that are available in an eBook format through Smashwords,  which offers a decent referral commission on eBook sales.   (Unlike Amazon.   They pay NO referral fees for any Kindle sales.    Kindle is incredibly convenient.   But as a writer and a publisher I have huge fears of a very unfriendly to authors and creators world if eBooks become a de facto Amazon monopoly.    Even if you use a Kindle eReader,  PLEASE buy your books from Smashwords!)

I have been reading three great novels in a series by Susan Wells Bennett,   a wonderful writer whose novels are published on Smashwords by Ink Beans Press.      In early June I expect to do a big feature with Susan,  promoting her Brass Monkey series as well as her novel Circle City Blues,  which I have previously reviewed.    I plan to roll out all the stops in promoting the book reviews and author interview.    I don’t think that I am ever going to have the time and energy again to publish even weekly book reviews.   But I find myself very much looking forward to focusing on promoting great indie authors.    Want to be one of them?   Send queries to drone AT libdrone DOT info.