Book Review: There Goes The Galaxy by Jenn Thorson

I believe I was a freshman in college when I first read the late Douglas Adams’ wildly popular comic space opera The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.    I remembered being more than just a little bit blown away by the laugh out loud funny universe that  hero Arthur Dent found himself prowling after the earth was destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass.   While Adams went on to write a six volume Hitchhiker’s trilogy  (and yes,  I know that’s three books too many, but hey,  I wasn’t Adams’ publisher,) which sadly became just a little less funny in the later volumes,  when reading Jenn Thorson’s new novel There Goes The Galaxy I felt as though transported back to my early love affair with funny science fiction.

Bertram Ludlow is a psychology graduate student in Pittsburgh when he is abducted by Rolliam Tsmorlood,  of the planet Hyphiz Delta who has been commissioned to deliver Bertram to the Seers of Rhobux.   Rollie has been told that his criminal archive,  detailing a variety of charges all across the Greater Communicating Universe, will be blanked once he delivers Ludlow,  freeing him to continue his life as a freelance, swashbuckling member of the Underworld.    In a story that is also reminiscent of Robert A. Heinlein’s  The Cat Who Walked Through Walls,  things of course do not go according to plan and Bertram finds himself a GCU fugitive,  on the run with Rollie,  stopping in places such as the desert party planet Vos Laegos,  and later setting out to use public transit and tackle the GCU on his own.

I’ve known Jenn Thorson for several years now,  following first her blog Thrift Shop Romantic and later her most excellent humor blog Of Cabbages And Kings.     It was on that last that I read her short story The Hyphiz Deltan Job which is actually a prequel to There Goes The Galaxy,  introducing readers to Tsmorlood and Thorson’s marvelously imagined universe.      I am quite certain that this volume will appeal greatly to fans of Adams and Heinlein as well as to any readers who enjoy comic science fiction at its very, very best.      I urge you to take twenty minutes and go ahead and read The Hyphiz Deltan Job.   And if you find yourself laughing still laughing out loud half an hour from now,  do buy the book.   You’ll be cracking up for weeks.

There Goes The Galaxy– Very Highly Recommended.    Buy now $15.99