Book Review: Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson

I have to admit that over the years I have become a true fan of Diane Mott Davidson’s series of mystery novels featuring caterer Goldy Bear Schulz who lives with her police homicide investigator husband in Aspen Meadow, Colorado just outside of Denver.     Now that I no longer work at the library, nor spend quite so much time and energy on book reviewing,  I actually noticed Crunch Time while browsing the stacks.  (Those who read my reviews of previous Goldy novels may remember that I used to put myself on the waiting list for these in advance.)   Luckily PCLS  despite being under horrible pressure from the downturn seems to continue to do a fantastic job of giving patrons what they want,  and so I was most pleased to happen upon this volume.

I also have to admit that I brought it right home and moved it to the very top of my reading list.   I can’t honestly say that I read it cover to cover at a sitting,  although it did hold my interest and I don’t believe that I read any other books until I had finished.     It did seem to me that there were rather more than the usual number of characters and suspects this time out,  and it does appear that Ms. Davidson  (whose books I greatly enjoy,  even though I have a strong suspicion that if we ever met I wouldn’t actually Like her,  as a friend) took rather more pages than she usually does to tie up the case.    It also seemed as though there was an absolute catastrophe at absolutely every single social event that Goldy attended,  whether as the caterer or as a guest.    I fear that Ms. Davidson may be beginning to lose the golden touch she has heretofore displayed in this series.

Which brings me to….I am certain that fans of the series will be fully satisfied with this latest heaping helping of their beloved Goldy.   And I also must admit that to a great degree I would be one of those fans who was actually pleased that the novel was a bit longer than the usual,  more of the great story to savor.   And yet I would not be much of a book reviewer if I did not note the somewhat frightening cloud that this not quite yet over the top novel casts over Davidson and her beloved series.   Crunch Time definitely did not “jump the shark”.   But I fear it appears to me that Ms. Davidson has at the very least begun  “water-skiing in the bay”   (Or perhaps given her Colorado location and theme,  snowboarding down a Rocky at a perilous speed.)

Crunch Time— Recommended,  especially to Davidson fans

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