Do You REALLY Need a Guidebook To Play Farmville?

OR  Book Review:  Farmville For Dummies by Angela Morales and Kyle Orland

I have previously written of my distaste for books that call their readers “dummies”  or “complete idiots”  right there in the title.  Though in the past I have noted that sometimes the books themselves are well-written and contain helpful and useful information.    While I might be tempted,  having perused Farmville For Dummies to hurl those hurtful terms at authors Angela Morales and Kyle Orland,  I suspect it would be more correct to believe that the folks at Wiley Publishing are convinced there is a market out there of folks who will actually buy a guide book to tell them how to play a simple web game that is known far and wide for being oh so easy to play.

I have to confess,   I have played Farmville.    Fairly early on in my Facebook experience I clicked a link and wandered into the game one day,  and did in fact devote some time to planting virtual crops and coming back later to harvest them.   I did erect barns and storage cellars and add various decorations to my farm.    I kind of enjoyed it when a cousin I’d not heard from in years added me as a friend on Facebook and began dropping by my  “farm”  from time to time.    After  a while however,  I grew a bit bored with the game and (as usually eventually happens with me and every game)  I drifted away and stopped playing.

But never once in all of the time that I played Farmville,  which seemed to me as obvious and intuitive a software program as ever I have interfaced with,  did I have so much as a single question about ‘how does this work?’  or  ‘what am I supposed to do now?’.   I certainly don’t doubt that the folks at Wiley believe this volume will be another hit.  But if it is I will take it as a sure sign that we have at length reached focawki.