eBook Review: StoryWonk’s Booklet Of Simple Advice For The Self-Publishing Author

I’m finding that I rarely go to the library any more.    I’ve become very enthused about Smashwords and about self-publishing.   I’m very pleased that I now often receive e-books for review.     So I was very interested when I came across Lani Diane Rich’s free eBook StoryWonk’s Booklet of Simple Advice For the Self-Publishing Author.  Some of the advice was clearly spot on–  that you really do need professional help with proof-reading and book cover design.   I also really liked Rich’s idea of recruiting a group of beta readers to provide the feedback and guidance traditionally published authors have received from editors.

I was somewhat less taken by her advice to focus publishing efforts exclusively on Amazon.    Honestly,  I really don’t like Amazon,  and the fact is that the eBooks I publish on Smashwords are in fact available in Amazon’s Kindle store.  (And despite her advice to focus exclusively on Amazon,  it appears Ms. Rich also uploaded her booklet to Smashwords– where I saw it and downloaded it.)   I well realize that Smashwords is not the be all and end all for self-publishing.   But it is a very useful site and allows new self-published authors to get a start– without spending any money nor having to learn all that much about the details of eBook formatting and distilling.

I think that it would be worth every aspiring self-published author’s while to download and read Ms. Rich’s booklet,  which mostly provides some very concrete and specific advice.   And given the free price point,  it’s certainly more than worth what you will pay for it.

Download now from Smashwords in all eBook formats– FREE!