Book Review: A Nose For Justice by Rita Mae Brown

Rita Mae Brown continues to annoy me.   I’ve written before of my frustration that she now seems to devote all of her writing efforts to her mystery series and no longer writes any of her truly wonderful non-genre novels.   And so now Ms. Brown,  rather than writing me a new non-genre novel is starting a third mystery series.   /sighs

Mags Rogers is a hot-shot stockbroker on Wall Street when the market takes a big tumble.   She gets fired and heads west to live with her Aunt Jeep, on Jeep’s ranch near Reno, Nevada.   Those who have read Brown’s other mysteries will not be in the least surprised that the pets and ranch animals are major characters,  nor that Mags soon stumbles into a murder mystery.  It’s not a bad mystery novel,  though I am neither impressed by nor strongly interested in Brown’s newest cast of characters.

Much of the story is caught up in the issue of water rights,  which are a big deal in Nevada,  and it may be that part of my lack of satisfaction with this novel relates to my relative lack of interest in this issue.  To be fair,  I did enjoy reading A Nose For Justice,  but remain disappointed because I believe Ms. Brown could do so much better.   Recommended.

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