Moving On– is a chance you take every time you try to stay together…

“Moving on is a chance you take very time you try to stay together.    You say a word out of line you find that the friends you had are gone forever.   Forever”   Billy Joel–  Say Goodbye To Hollywood

I have a confession.     I have grown a bit tired of constantly writing book reviews.     I’ve been producing Libdrone Book Reviews for more than three years now,  and I am finding it harder and harder to devote the time and muster the enthusiasm to read and review book after book after book.    I first created a blog on Google’s  Blogspot  mainly in order to keep up with a couple of very long time friends whom I mostly kept up with via their blogs.     I included book reviews from the very beginning because I have always been passionate about books, reading and writing.       And then one day I started to learn a bit about blog promotion and was launched into a career in web publishing that has been, to say the least a long strange trip.

In retrospect,  it is rather unfortunate that I chose a niche and settled quite comfortably into it before I ever started learning the ins and outs and economics of website publishing.    While book reviewing was and is an ideal fit with my background and interests,  for anyone interested in making money by publishing web sites,  the niche  is frankly a dead end.    I believe that I succeeded in creating a quality book review site.    Over the years,  I came to the realization that the chances of the site ever earning enough to cover its hosting fees are pretty much nil.

Over the three plus years that I have been publishing  Libdrone Book Reviews I have learned rather a lot about website publishing,  website marketing,  search engines and search engine optimization,  online advertising,  affiliate marketing and hundreds of other subjects that are part and parcel of being a successful web publisher.     I have grown weary of having to read and digest an entire book for every 300–500 word post I write.   I have become interested in writing for a citizen journalism newspaper and am working on creating two new web sites which I believe will allow me to continue to grow as a writer and a web publisher.

It is for this reason,   that I have migrated Libdrone Book Reviews to     I do plan to continue to update this site and add new book reviews as my time and interest permit,  though I am no longer willing to spend hosting fees nor invest much time and energy in promoting this site.    I am very grateful that allows me to continue to make my years of archived content available,  without continuing to incur hosting fees.     I am also deeply grateful that I now have the opportunity to develop other sites and continue on my journey into becoming a professional web publisher.       I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends and readers who have visited and commented here over the years.     I hope that you will continue to visit occasionally to read the reviews I will continue to post.    I also hope that you will read my articles on BrooWaha and will visit my new sites when I introduce them.      My best to you,