What Is Creamed Corn?

Creamed Corn is creative non-fiction.    It has an expressed intent to create healing in online social communities by promoting respect, tolerance and genuine understanding between people of good will,  even when those people may profoundly disagree about some aspect of life, the universe or everything.

Libdrone’s Creamed Corn column is SPICY,  not bland.   While I try always to be respectful of other participants and address issues rather than personalities,  I do not ever hesitate to call it as I see it,  never mind whose toes I may step on or what petty retaliation I may receive for it in a community with a closed voting system that can be Very un-complimentary to new-comers who “don’t take shit from anybody”.    And being human, of course I can’t honestly say that I always live up to my own high standards.    If you are a regular visitor here on Libdrone Book Reviews,  please accept my apologies that lately I am so involved in writing for  BrooWaha (where my Creamed Corn column can be found on the Creative tab, just off the main front page) that I just haven’t finished any books or written any book reviews lately.

My Creamed Corn period is not my first vacation from writing a book review a day and I’m certain it won’t be my last.   Nor will it last forever.   And as has often been the case, although I am not posting here on Libdrone,  Libdrone’s voice can still be read on another site while I am neglecting to post here.      I hope that you will visit and check out my writing over on BrooWaha.      And here is wishing you a Happy Weekend.