Book Review: Inside Out (YA) by Terry Trueman

Inside Out is a wonderful Young Adult novel by  Spokane’s own Terry Trueman.   A story about a teenager who suffers from schizophrenia,   Inside Out takes place in a coffee shop where two young teenagers,  made desperate by their mother’s cancer and need for expensive chemotherapy conduct a hold-up.   Which goes horribly wrong,  largely thanks to Zach Wahhsted,  a 14 year old boy who suffers from schizophrenia  (and a real  craving for maple bars).    Zach just happens to be waiting for his mom in the coffee shop,  where he quite unwittingly fowls up the robbers plans.      Trueman does a truly remarkable job of telling the story in the first person from Zach’s   perspective throughout the short book.     The reader learns about schizophrenia from the sufferer’s  perspective,  which is  much more effective than a third person narrative would  have been.     If you enjoy reading YA  or have an interest in learning more about schizophrenia, Inside Out is Recommended.

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