Book Review: A. D. New Orleans After The Deluge by Josh Neufeld

I have to confess that I am not a big fan of graphic novels. When I worked at the library,  I used to handle lots and lots of Young Adult graphic novels  none of which appealed to me in the least.    The other day though I happened upon Josh Neufeld’s A. D.  New Orleans After The Deluge and decided to give it a try.    I’m glad I did.   Neufeld’s drawings,  in a two-tone style that comes across as a blend of old-time comic book meets modern day end-of-the world,  follow the true life stories of six New Orleanians in the days before, during and after hurricane Katrina.     Based on many, many interviews and several research trips,  After The Deluge does a marvelous job of bringing the experiences of the storm, the aftermath and the diaspora to life.     Neufeld frequently includes precisely detailed signs, logos and other forms which combine very well with his monotone (alternating sections are presented in brown, purple, blue, yellow or green backgrounds for black and white drawings) and engaging backgrounds.   If you are a fan of graphic novels or have in interest in New Orleans,  A. D. New Orleans After The Deluge is Highly Recommnended.

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