Libdrone EVOLVES while Retail Superstars by George Whalin merely SUCKS Friday and thank you for your visit to Libdrone today.    I wanted to take a few moments to call your attention to a few changes and improvements that are being implemented.    I’ve begun tweeting on books as I read them.   (For example I might tweet   “On page  53  of 216  in George Whalin’s  Retail Superstars.   Oh man this sucks!” If you’d like to be among the first to know about the great new books I’ve discovered,  please follow me on Twitter.     You can also check our bookstore,  where I put out titles for sale when I begin reading and tweeting about them.   Look for the bookstore button below.

Ron is for awhile at least taking a break from helping out with the blog,  but I hope his interest may be revived.    Sooner or later he will pass out of his Anthony Trollope period and read something he’ll want to review again.

I am working on a new site that is not quite ready for prime time yet,  but I am hoping that in time  it will become  a second successful niche blog for me.      I am in a real dry spell for freelance assignments so if you know anyone who needs a pet writer,  please pass them along to me.

George Whalin  has written a guide to twenty five retailers he quite arbitrarily has decided to refer to in the subtitle as “The Best Retail Stores In America”.     Well perhaps.     Whalin is a retail buisness consultant who appears to have gotten an  X number sort of book deal.    I have no opinion on the other books he’s written  (perhaps his college text book is quite good,  I honestly have no idea) but this book is neither well suited for a consumer audience nor is it of a level of detail, research design and overall execution to be suited for a high school or college reading assignment.    I already knew that Powell’s Books  is way cool and the other 24 stores for the most part did not particularly strike my fancy.     Retail Superstars— NOT Recommended

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