Book Review: The Overlook by Michael Connelly

overlookWhen I reviewed The Scarecrow on its release day, I mentioned that Michael Connelly was one of those authors whom I had sold and shelved but never read.   I enjoyed that latest release so much that I am now digging a bit into Connelly’s backlist.   And The Overlook proved to be an excellent choice.   The plot centers on Harry Bosch, an experienced Los Angeles Police detective who wins a promotion to the Major Cases squad and is soon embroiled in the investigation of a doctor whose body is found up on the overlook where the letters  H O L L Y W O O D are spelled out on a hillside.

Bosch is soon joined on the investigation by FBI agent Rachel Walling (who will figure prominently in The Scarecrow) as it is discovered that the murdered doctor is a radiologist who has access to a rare material that is used in very  small quantities in cancer treatment but can in larger quantities be made into a bomb.    It soon develops that a quantity of this radiological material has been stolen from a safe at a medical center.    It further develops that the dead doctor received an e-mail from his wife’s account with a picture of his wife naked and hand-cuffed to their bed and a note threatening to kill her if he does not bring all of the materials up to the overlook.    While the FBI busies itself with the apparent national security crisis, Bosch and Walling follow the clues and discover the crime is actually nothing of the sort.     As always,  Connelly is a master of the suspense novel and The Overlook is a fast, fun read.    Highly Recommended.

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