Book Review: 400 Sensational Cookies by Linda J. Amendt

400 cookies400 Sensational Cookies by Linda J Amendt is one of those rare books who’s title is totally accurate. The recipes are sensational as are the cookies that would be created by the recipes.  It took me a while to read through this book, as I would read a few pages and then have to put the book down and go get something to eat.  The book also has a few sections of lush photography featuring some of the cookies from the book. And it’s enough to almost qualify as Foodie Porn…so wonderful does it make them look.

Ms. Amendt starts the book out with three sections that pretty much cover Cookie Baking 101. One on the required, proper equipment, the second, the various ingredients,what they do, and which are the best, and finally, the techniques for making each type of cookie. The recipes are easy but the first sections taught even an old baker like me some things.

The recipes are broken down into sections linked by what type of cookies they are. Drop Cookies, Hand Shaped Cookies, Chocolate Chip variant cookies, Oatmeal Based Cookies, Dream Cookies ( a kind I’d never heard of before, ones that have instant pudding mix added to the dough to make it richer), Rolled Cutout Cookies, Refrigerator Slice and Bake cookies, Bars and Squares, Brownies, Biscoti, Shortbreads, and Extra Special cookies.

Some of the recipes are so wonderful sounding and tasting.Like Mocha Fudge Truffle Cookies, or Orange Marmalade Cookies or Maple Walnut cookies, or Chocolate Chip Orange cookies..or…well you get the idea…..almost any kind of cookie you might ever want is in here, With extremely clear ingredient lists and directions. If you can’t find at least two or three dozen cookies you’ll come to love then you don’t like cookies.

This book would be great for people with younger kids. Bonding over making cookies with Mom or Dad is an experience they’ll always remember. And there are cookies that can be decorated by Kids. She also includes directions on storing and wrapping these cookies if you want to give them as gifts. And the clarity and ease of the recipes makes this book perfect for people who don’t think they are good bakers, or who want to learn to make good cookies.

In short, 400 Sensational Cookies, by Linda J. Amendt is a cookbook that belongs in any home where good cookies are treasured.

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