Book Review: Under The Dome by Stephen King

under the domeBack when I was in high school I used to be a real big Stephen King fan.    Although I didn’t like all of his early works,  I remember being very impressed with The Stand.    And King’s  It,  which is one of the longest books I’ve ever read. It was published in the late 1980’s when I was working as a bookstore clerk in New Orleans is, and it caught my attention at the store.    I also greatly enjoyed Misery.  And as a writer I appreciated King’s discussions of the craft and profession of writing as much as the story itself in that novel.   But after reading Misery,  I felt that I had somehow had enough and never read any of his subsequent works.    Until now and Under the Dome.

To some extent I feel a bit foolish publishing this review.   Given the price war that Amazon and Walmart had on this title pre-release  (that brought the $35 cover priced book down to an amazing $14)  I expect that anyone who has an interest in reading Under the Dome hast already bought their  own copy;  I don’t think  that I will sell many, myself.  Not that it is a bad book or that I don’t recommend it.    While it did drag a bit from around page 500–600 by page 750 or so I was fully engaged and read rapidly through to the ending page 1,072.  Once I  got past those pages, it was an engaging story and I will admit I cried at the ending.

And in reading Under The Dome,  I finally put my finger on the theme of most all of King’s books:  Us and Them.   The troupe of outcasts and underdogs vs the powerful and stupid or cruel which in slightly different ways plays out in The Stand, It and Under The Dome.   It’s a powerful theme and after my twenty year or so vacation from reading King, one I quite enjoyed re-visiting.

If you enjoy popular fiction and have the patience to read a thousand page book,  Under The Dome is Recommended.

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