Book Review: Step By Step by Lawrence Block

step by stepI’ve long been a huge fan of prolific writer Lawrence Block, so I was of course immediately interested when Step By Step  A Pedestrian Memoir turned up in the Biography stacks a few weeks back.  Block is one of those writers who writes so well that he can get me interested in reading about all sorts of things that ordinarily would not interest me at all.     While this memoir does contain a fairly birth-to-present auto-biography the memoir is primarily focused on Block’s intermittent career as a runner and a race walker.    It certainly could have been a real yawner but as always Block is such a great writer that I followed along intrepidly through both his early midlife and late midlife infatuations with running, walking and the oh so peculiar sport “race walking”.      It is honestly amazing to me that otherwise sane and sensible people can and do push their bodies beyond all sensible limits in pursuit of gold medals in events like the “twenty four hour marathon”.    (Yes there is such a thing and Block gamely enters more than once.)      If you are not a hard core Lawrence Block fan I can hardly tell you to rush out and buy this.    But if you like Block and have a weekend or two to kill,  Step By Step is Recommended.

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