Stealth Germs In Your Body

germsStealth Germs In Your Body by Emo Daniel M.D. is a very fascinating book.  His research is impeccable, and it’s written in a clear, concise way that even those who haven’t, like me, taken several microbiology or bacteriology courses should be able to understand. Dr Daniel discusses several areas concerning bacteria and viruses in our bodies. He documents cases where a chronic illness was sometimes misdiagnosed, and a low level bacterial or parasitic infection was discovered, and the disease cleared up once antibiotics or anti-parasitic drugs were administered. He also discusses the  natural flora (bacteria mostly) that our bodies are colonized with.  And that they are benign mostly, unless they get into an area other than the one they are native to. Or their balance is upset by illness, antibiotic treatments, or other conditions. He also discusses pro-biotics, which are beneficial bacteria taken as supplements to aid the body’s bacteria to regain the essential balance necessary for our body’s health.

He also documents what bacteria are in what part of our bodies. There they live quite peacefully, some provide benefits by breaking down foods we could not otherwise process.  Some provide benefits we don’t yet know.  One thing, however, I wish he’d have discussed more is how we’ve created so many antibiotic resistant bacteria by the casual use of antibiotics, and the use of antibacterials as growth enhancers for feed animals, such as cattle, chicken, and pigs.

In fact, my one reservation about this book is that people will go to their doctors and demand antibiotic treatment where it’s not only not helpful, but actually may cause more resistance to antibiotics. Also, he does mention that people frequently are to blame, since people once they start feeling better will stop taking the antibiotics instead of taking them till the doses are gone as they’ve been instructed to do.

I think this book is better for either people who have some experience in the medical fields, or who understand research protocols, at least enough to understand the difference between causality and coincidence.  And/or don’t have any hypochondria- cal tendencies.

Stealth Germs in Your Body by Emo Daniels M.D. is recommended with the above caveats.

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