Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth

age defyingDrinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth by Beth Teitell is a funny, scathingly accurate portrait of the pressures on “women of a certain age” to look younger than they really are.  Ms. Teitell talks about the various tricks, expensive cosmetics and surgical procedures, and many other things in an almost desperate struggle to appear younger than they are. She also discusses how this obsession with not looking one’s age is becoming more prominent among even younger, and younger women. To the point where you have women who are barely thirty worrying about looking “too old”

Ms. Teitell devotes a chapter to each of stratagems women use to “looking way younger than they are”  Horrendously expensive cosmetics, each bought with the hope that this one will be the one that shaves twenty years off of your face.  Cosmetic surgery, as well as discouraging one’s friends from have these procedures, even Botox so you don’t look older by comparison to them. How difficult it is for women to find “age appropriate” clothing.

Making a comparison with how looking younger has taken the place of looking thinner as the major obsession among women. The prevalence of shaving years off of one’s age when a situation occurs when you  need to disclose your age. Facial firming by exercise. How to tell if someone has had work done or not. And how men too are caving into the pressure to look younger at younger ages.

She discusses the M’aam factor, from the shock of the first time some young thing calls you M’aam,(Something I’m famiiar with, the first time I was called Sir or Mr ———, I turned around and looked for my father) And how no matter how many times it happens it’s still a shock and an ego deflating experience.

She also casts questions on the current advice to drink lots of water to “hydrate one’s face” and make it look younger.

Ms Teifell’s writing is funny, sharp, accurate,(even though I am a gay male, I know enough women who go through the very things that she describes), and is for anyone unless they’re worried about developing more laugh lines .

Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth by Beth Teifell is Highly Recommended.

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