Why Manners Matter:The Case For Civilized Behavior in a Barbarous World


Why Manners Matter:The Case For Civilized Behavior in a Barbarous World by Lucinda Holdforth is a very interesting book. As I am myself a lifelong Miss Manners devotee, I found the book to bring further updates to the modern world.Which is in need of more mannerly behavior than ever I might add, and any attempt by anyone to increase it is greatly appreciate by those of us,say of Southern decent who haven’t forgotten ours.Ms Holdforth¬† has updated many mannerly precepts, and quite efficiently shown those who’s sole attitude is “I want what I want and the hell with you” why being mannerly will bring them more rewards and make them much better thought of. As well as increase other’s opinion of them tenfold.

Ms Holdforth has divided the book into seven sections, all with subsections, covering why and how on can use manners to smooth one'[s path through life, calm stressed and angry co-workers and make them more tolerable to be around, to improve how other’s thing of you. And basically how mannerly behavior has always been the “oil” on which society glides along smoothly.

Ms Holdforth writes in a very casual, but witty style and makes her points with ease and humor. It also seems geared toward the younger set, say those in their late teens or early to mid twenties, who were raised pretty much manners free by well meaning but misguided parents who didnt’s want to “stifle their creativity” when they were young.¬† Thank G_D younger parents of today have learned those lessions the hard way.

Why Manners Matter by Lucinda Holdforth is Highly Recommended.