Book Review: The Tillamook Cheese Cookbook by Kathy Holstad

tillamook-cheese-ckbkOne of the pleasures of living here in the Pacific Northwest is the wonderful cheese and butter produced by the small independent farmers of the Tillamook County Creamery Association.      I have visited the Tillamook plant and visitor center and always buy their wonderful butter, cheese and ice cream.    Today Ron reviews a new 2009 release The Tillamook Cheese Cookbook:  celebrating 100 years of excellece.

Anyone living in the Pacific NW or the West Coast knows Tillamook Creamery for it’s Butter, Ice Cream, and large variety of Cheeses.  It all started back in 1909 when ten independent dairies combined to form the Tillamook County Creamery Association.  Now Tillamook Creamery consists of 120 family owned dairy farms that run the Tillamook Creamery as an independent co-op.  Their quality and variety are legendary here in the West.

The Tillamook Cheese Cookbook consists of recipes from the members of the co-op compiled by Marketing Director, Kathy Holstad.  And there are a tremendous amount of really good recipes that belong in any good cooks arsenal.   The book starts out with a short history of the Creamery co-op, and then the first recipe is for making White Cheddar Cheese at home, which is actually do-able without a large amount of difficulty.

The book is broken down into food catagories and the recipes are easy to follow.

This is the sort of cookbook I’d love to own myself, and cook out of daily.  Such wonderful dishes as Crab and Macaroni Bake ( a sort of Crab and Cheddar gratin), Shrimp Cheddar Chowder, and Mother’s Comfort Pie (an apple pie with grated cheddar cheese in the crust for those who like cheese on their apple pie).

And the penultimate reason for buying the book, a whole 30 pages of Macaroni and Cheese recipes, ranging from fancy to simple, but all sounding wonderful and comforting.  And at the very back there is a valuable reference for successfully pairing wines and cheeses which successfully demystifies the whole process.

The Tillamook Cheese Cookbook is a valuable arsenal of recipes for any cook. It has a large number of recipes that look fancy that are also simple to make. My one caveat to the book is that some of the recipes call for relatively expensive ingredients, or at least for our food budget. But if you can’t find a recipe in this book you like then you just don’t like cheese in any form.

The Tillamook Cheese Cookbook is Highly Recommended, especially for cheese
lovers everywhere.

Title: Tillamook Cheese Cookbook   Author: Kathy Holstad   Publisher: Arnica,  Portland Oregon    Format: hardcover   Publication Date: 2009

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