How Many Books–Libdrone's 2nd Book Giveaway Contest


I will be the first to admit that this is not a pretty picture.   Not in any sense of the word.   But lest my loyal readers think that the reason I’ve not been posting any book reviews lately is because I don’t have any books to write about.    The above photograph,  which has been expanded to give you a fair shot at counting just how darn many books I have awaiting some disposition as to review or no review.   Add in the fact that lovely summer weather has me spending more time outside and with new friends and reading a lot less and you notice that Ron pretty much carried the site for me in June.

To enter the contest,  leave a comment on this post with your best guess of the number of books pictured in the chair.     A few hints:  the top row of books with their spines facing the camera is supported by a completely concealed back 2 stacks of books.   And yes,  the audio book does count.    The contest will run until July 31st.   In August,   I will announce the correct number and if anyone has chosen it that person will receive their choice of any of my advanced reading and review copies, listed below.    In the event that more than one person chooses the correct number,  I will use to pick one winner from all who guessed correctly.   Now then the prizes.    Please include your choice of book in your comment.   Winner will be contacted by e-mail the first week in August.

The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly– Advanced Reading Copy

Afraid by Jack Kilborn–Advanced Reading Copy

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher– hardcover published copy

Fault Line by Barry Eisler– hardcover published copy

Home Girl by Judith Matloff– hardcover published copy

Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton–hardcover published copy

Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton– published CD audio book

Annie’s Ghost by Steve Luxenborg– hardcover published copy

The Islamist by Ed Husain– trade paperback published copy

The Dead Man by Joel Goldman– mass market paperback published copy