Book Review: The Best Skillet Recipes by the editors of Cook's Illustrated

best-skillet-recipes1The Best Skillet Recipes is a book compiled by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. They also do the America’s Test Kitchen PBS TV show. All of the recipes have been tested and are reputed to be the best versions of classic one skillet recipes. Everything from Glazed Chicken Breasts to Sautéed Tofu. These one pot meals are quick as a rule, but be warned that some call for expensive and exclusive ingredients. Or require multiple steps. But none require advanced culinary skills and with the clear, illustrated directions, these recipes should be valuable for busy moms/dads/family members who need quick weeknight meals and are tired of boxed or frozen meals.

Some recipes are worth becoming family staples such as Glazed Pork Chops, or Pan Seared Scallops, or Pan Seared Shrimp with Parsley-Lemon Butter. Some such as the aformentioned Sauteed Tofu should be avoided unless you really do like tofu.

The book also includes diagrams for how to cut or prepare the meats and vegetables , plus very clear instructions on exactly how to follow the recipes directions. It has complete directions and instructions and if someone has any basic level experience in cooking, then they should be able to make any of these recipes with relative ease. As someone who’s read Cook’s Illustrated on occasion, this book has the same crystal clear information as the magazine.

The Best Skillet Recipes by Cook’s Illustrated is Highly Recommended as a reference for making quick and easy meals in one pot.

Title: The Best Skillet Recipes    Author: editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine   Publisher: America’s Test Kitchen    Format: Hardcover   Publication Date: 2009

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