Where did the Round-Ups go?

You may have noticed that since the re-launch on May 23rd  I am no longer publishing any of my children’s book or cookbook  ’roundups’   where I feature three to five books in the given category.     These roundup posts were a huge part of this site for the first two years.    Be assured,   Libdrone will continue to cover both childrens and cookbooks.    You will notice however that rather than one round-up post about several books,   there will be several posts over the course of a day or two that each feature just one book.    This change has been made to make it easier for search visitors to find the particular title they are interested in.

I am also for the time being letting go of my Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule.    This week,   after hosting Sarah’s excellent guest post on Sunday   I will be posting about children’s books Tuesday evening and Wednesday.    Posts about cookbooks will appear Thursday and Friday.      Thanks for your visit today,  and please come back again soon for the latest and greatest children’s books and cookbooks.