Book Review: Little Red Riding Hood A Classic Collectible Pop-Up by Marjorie Priceman

red-riding-hood-popupI have always had a fascination with “pop-up” books.    These richly illustrated books with clever “paper-engineering” tricks that illustrate and convey significant parts of the story.     The most sophisticated of these type of books can be truly stunning.    PCLS does have a policy of buying pop-up books and when they are intended for children,  we do put them in the children’s section.    Though invariably over time parts of the “paper engineering”  break down.    So I was pleasantly surprised to find,  while shelving in Junior 398  (Dewey Decimal number 398 denotes “fairy tales”  and for this  one particular dewey number only,  we separate junior 398’s from adult 398’s and have a special shelving section for them in the children’s area) a realtively intact and beautiful copy of Marjorie Priceman’s 2001 release Little Red Riding Hood:   A Classic Collectible  Pop-Up. One trend I have noticed in children’s books in recent years is the humorous re-telling of a classic tale,  with a few distinctive twists.   This time out grandmaw and Little Red Riding Hood fight  off the wolf and send him packing and then write a children’s book about the visit that is both cute and kind of boring.     A very clever twist on a classic tale,   Little Red Riding Hood is Highly Recommended.

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Title: Little Red Riding Hood A Classic Collectible Pop-Up    Author: Marjorie Priceman  Paper Engineering: Bruce Foster  Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing   Format: Hardcover Pop-Up   Publication Date: 2001

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