Book Review: Cookies To Die For! by Bev Shaffer


In our house,  my partner Ron is the family baker and today he provides a review of a wonderful new book from Pelican Publishing  (located in Gretna, Louisiana  my old stomping grounds).

Cookies To Die For! by Bev Shaffer is quite full of them, literally. She assumes that you know a bit about basic baking, even though she does include a bit of a small primer in the beginning. Types of ingredients required and the kinds she prefers, tools you’ll need, basic measuring techniques, and what the terms she use throughout the book mean. But I can’t stress enough that you need to know a bit about baking to really use the recipes to their fullest.. You need to know about way more than just cutting dough off of a roll and throwing it in the oven.   She does include some challengingly complex recipes in the book that will make for some wonderfully fancy cookies. She includes some remarkably simple updates of old classics.

She shows no small amount of imagination at the choice of cookies she’s included, to the point I can’t imagine that readers won’t find at least one or two that will become family favorites. Some are modifications of old line classics, some are updates of beloved  family cookies from the past, and some are  very creative , and inventive originals. If you can’t find at least one you adore here, I might go as far as to say you just don’t really like cookies after all. I might also point out that Ms. Shaffer has a gift for making complex instructions or directions seem quite simple. A rare gift indeed.   Cookies To Die For! comes Highly Recommended with only one minor caveat….you should know something about baking or be willing to take the time to learn how to bake.   Shaffer has  included enough to teach you here but the more you know the better the results you’ll get.

Title: Cookies To Die For!      Author: Bev Shaffer  Format: Hardcover     Publisher: Pelican Press   Publication Date: 2009

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