Welcome To The New Libdrone

libdrone1Welcome!   If this is not your first visit,  you will undoubtedly have noticed that this site has undergone a whole bunch of changes in recent days.    I have a new theme and a new look.   I have consolidated all of the About pages and even added a few more.    I have also opened a companion bookstore,  where I will be selling all of the titles featured on this site as well as a small selection of other titles which I believe will be of particular interest to some of my readers.

The bookstore is actually hosted by Amazon.com  and can accessed at the URL http://libdrone.com.     The blogroll page which had previously been at that URL can now be accessed via the Blogroll menu item in the header.      Just in case you haven’t visited here before,  my name is Alan.   I’m a reader, a writer and a bookseller who just happens to work at a large public library where I am quite literally surrounded by the latest and greatest in books all day long,  every work day.    I share the most interesting, unusual and noteworthy books I find on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.    What my old fans will most notice changing is that almost every post will now be devoted to a single book.

Many of my older posts take on books two at a time,  and as a writer I enjoy being able to compare and contrast as well as critique.   But most of the people who will be visiting and reading my reviews arrive at this site via a search engine and are looking for information about a particular title.   So in order to better serve these visitors I will be making most every post about one title only.     I will also be doing considerably more “Short Takes” which are only about one good paragraph long and attempt to give you a sense of the featured book and a recommendation of whether or not it would be suitable to a particular reader,  without going into the depth and detail of a regular book review.

As always,   I welcome your comments, questions and criticisms and urge you to comment below or e-mail drone AT libdrone DOT info  if you prefer to keep it private.     On May 26th,  I will resume my regular book review posts and look forward to my third year,  which will begin on June 1st,  of providing you with a glimpse at just a few of the best books out there,  from every category, genre and section of the library and the bookstore.

Welcome to the new Libdrone.   I’m  glad you’re here.