Book Review: Lords Of Corruption by Kyle Mills

lords-of-corruption-millsToday’s book is a genuine page-turner.   Published by Vanguard Press last month,  Kyle Mills’  Lords Of Corruption is a novel set in Africa.   Josh Hagarty is a young man with a troubled past, but a seemingly bright future.   A recent MBA graduate who also has a bachelor’s degree in engineering,  Hagarty finds himself unable to get any job offers due to having served time in prison for a youthful crime.   So he comes to accept a position in Africa for a US-based charity that is not at all what it on the surface appears to be.

The reader,  along with Hagarty is soon thrust head-on into the startling and mysterious world of a never-named African country,  where the foreign aid workers live in comparative luxury in a heavily guarded compound while a cruel dictator is openly practicing genocide among his poor and often powerless people.   Africa is a fascinating place, but one about which most of us in the West know very, very, very little and Mills brings this extraordinary land into a powerful light, while spinning a tale that has both emotional depth and character believability and a roller-coaster plot that brings off a powerful catharsis on the last page.   If you enjoy page-turning thrillers or well-written character novels,   Lords Of Corruption is Very Highly Recommended.   Buy Now $17.50

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