Writer's Guide To Places

writers-guide-to-placesI don’t normally post on Tuesdays anymore,   but I recently came across a great resource book for my friends who write fiction and decided to go ahead and share it with you today.   The Writer’s Guide To Places by Don Prues and Jack Heffron is a unique resource book that provides just a little background information and specifics about an extraordinary range of places in the world that your characters may be from or located in.    From big cities to small towns in every state in the United States and every province in Canada this guide provides all manner of useful facts and place names.     If you decide to set the action in one of these places you will also benefit from the web sites referred to and specific book-reading resources to learn more about any of the places mentioned.    If you have ever struggled with the details of a minor character’s background or needed to know just one quirk typical of people from _______,  Writer’s Guide To Places is Highly Recommended.   Buy Now $8.95