Librdone's First Ever Contest

libdronecomIn the fourth grade I won my school’s annual English Essay Contest.     I only vaguely recall that my topic was “why I love Louisiana” or some such.   Or perhaps it was “my favorite foods”.   What I recall much more clearly is that the essays in that contest were numbered so that our names did not appear on them and my number was 13.    It’s been my lucky number ever since so it seems to me that April 13th is an auspicious day to launch Libdrone’s First Ever Contest.

There are some questions that I want to ask you, my blog reader.   You need not answer all of them or even most of them.   But for each comment you leave answering at least one of them between now and 12:01 am Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday April 19th you will receive one chance to win the Prizes,  which I will be talking more about on Wednesday.    Each comment left this week with regards to any of the books reviewed on this site, will also be counted.   (The really clever or really determined will realize they can go back and comment on older posts as well and it will also count.)   I want to thank each and every one of you in advance for your visit here today and for sharing with me any of your ideas and opinions.   I am genuinely grateful to everyone who visits my sites.    And so the questions:

Where are you from?   What part of our planet do you call home?   What city or town do you live in?  Where Are You?

Where do you get your books?   Do you buy them from Amazon?   Pick them out at the library?   Buy them from your local branch of Megachain, Inc?   Through other web sites and stores?  From local independent booksellers?   From all of these sources sometimes?    Where do you get your books?    Tell me,  I want to know.

What are your favorite genres or types of books?   Fiction or Non-Fiction?   Crime drama or historical romance?   Cookbooks or DIY Home Improvement titles?    What kind of books do you Really like to read?   Tell me,  I want to know.

If you are an adult, do you read children’s books?   Why?  Tell me, I want to know.

What do you really like about this site?   The clean, spare design,  the low level of widgets and clutter?   The honest and thoughtful book reviews?   Or conversely, what bugs you about this site?   Are there flaws I’m not seeing?   Areas you think could be improved?   Tell me,  I want to know.

My thanks and best wishes to each and every one of you who leaves a comment to enter.    And please visit again on Wednesday when I have a great book review and will also announce the prizes up for grabs in the contest.   Meanwhile,   for today’s book review,  please visit and select one of the many great recent posts from all over the books blogosphere.