Book Review: The Cereal Murders By Diane Mott Davidson

cereal-murders1Back in 2007 I wrote a piece about Diane Mott Davidson and her series of mystery novels featuring Goldy Bear Schulz,  the caterer who is married to a homicide detective in Aspen Meadow,  a suburb of Denver, Colorado who just always seems to be around trouble in the form of people being murdered at the fancy parties where she caters.   At that time,  I announced her then  latest mystery, Sweet Revenge.   I do not yet have her new 2009 release, Fatally Flaky,  though it is on order at the library and I do have a request in for it and will certainly review it here once I get the chance to read it.    I had thought that I had already read all of the older books in that series.   So I as pleasantly surprised the other day to come across The Cereal Murders while shelving in Mystery.    I am quite certain that I had not read this one before and I thoroughly enjoyed this chance to spend a few more hours with Goldy.

As in several of the other volumes,  the action this time out takes place at nearby Elk Park Preparatory school,  where Goldy’s son Arch is a student and Goldy is hired to cater several functions for the senior class in connection with their college advisory activities and the SAT test.    This is also the time in Goldy’s life that she is falling in love with Detective Tom Schulz.  She will agree to marry him on the final page.   And if that seems to be giving away the ending somewhat, believe me it’s not.   You will be both appalled and amused by the complex story-line involving the rich parents at the high school scheming and doing everything they can to advance their offspring’s chances of being accepted at a “top-drawer” college.

You will also enjoy Goldy’s best-friend Marla, who is Goldy’s ex-husband (Dr. John Richard Korman whom both women call “the JERK”)’s Other ex-wife.   As always, Goldy’s wonderful recipes are included for some of the foods she makes for these parties and occasions and they are truly mouth-watering.    If you are a foodie and or a mystery lover,  The Cereal Murders comes Highly Recommended.   Buy Now only $2.95.