pugetopolisI have to confess that until Ron brought home Pugetopolis,  I had never heard of Knute Burger,  a native Seattlite and alternative journalist who has served in a variety of capacities, such as the editor of the now defunct Seattle Weekly newspaper,  a radio commentator on KUOW and a regular featured columnist on crosscut.com,   a non-profit web site that serves as a forum for news and opinion for the Pacific Northwest. But after reading this collection of Berger’s newspaper columns and radio pieces,  I have to say I am sorry that I did not discover him earlier.

Berger,  who calls himself a “mossback” (as in a creature that thrives in the damp climate of the Northwest) writes with authority and perspective about Seattle and the surrounding region and sheds a lot of light on the people and peculiarities of the Puget Sound region.   A few notable quotes:

  • “Our city is well on the path to becoming the first world-class, sinless, suburban, high-rise, gay-friendly goat farm– for millionaires.    What could be more metronatural?”
  • “If you burn only one book this year, let it be Pat Buchanan’s.”
  • (in reference to Ralph Nader) “He’s the Jerry Falwell of the left.”

If you live in or care about the Seattle area,  Knute Berger’s Pugetopolis is Highly Recommended.

A final note,  again directed to book lovers here in the Puget Sound region– this coming Friday and Saturday,  March 20th and 21st the Friends of Lakewood Library will be hosting their annual Spring Used Book Sale.   The Friends,  who use the money raised from their twice yearly book sales to buy additional materials, fund staff scholarships and other incidentals over and beyond the library’s tax funded budget,  collect used books, magazines, movies and music from patrons and other community members throughout the year then sell them in the spring and fall.    In addition to being for a good cause,  these sales offer exceptional value to readers with most books selling for three dollars or less and paperbacks available for as little as thirty-five cents.    There is a HUGE selection in every genre and category.  The sale takes place at Lakewood Library 6300 Wildaire Rd SW,  Lakewood WA 98499   from 10:30am to 4:30pm Friday and Saturday.   Hope to see you there.