A Louder Day In Peanut City

louder-liliHappy Wednesday!    I have three great Easy Picture Books for today’s second post in Children’s Book Week.   Lili is a very quiet young girl.   When the teacher calls the roll, she can’t hear Lili say ‘here’ and marks her absent.   Lili never really had any friends at school,  except for a rather bully-ish girl named Cassidy who claimed to be her friend but never treated her very well.   And then one day, Cassidy began playing quite cruelly with the classroom guinea pig.    And everyone was shocked when quiet little Lili screamed “STOP IT!”   In the end Lili becomes friends with Rita and they care for the guinea pig together.    A very cute children’s story,  Louder Lili is Highly Recommended.   Buy now $16.99

day-in-cityNicholas Harris’  A Day In The City reminded me a bit of the Where’s Waldo series of books.   In this volume,  Harris presents the exact same view of a city street corner at various times of day from early morning to nighttime.   The walls of each building are omitted in certain places to give the viewer a full picture of what is going on in the school house, the museum, apartment buildings and offices.   The burglar who comes home and goes to bed early morning gets robbed himself mid-day,  the fourth grader is positive he sees the caveman in the museum display move and people of every description come and go on their way throughout the day.    I really enjoyed this one and expect that you and your child will too.   A Day In The City.   Highly Recommended.   Buy now $6.95

peanutLinas Alsenas’  Peanut is a really cute story about a lonely little old lady named Mildred who gets a pet she thinks is a dog.   Trouble is Mildred doesn’t see so well anymore and her pet is really an elephant.   Mildred tries and tries to treat Peanut like other dogs,  encouraging him to roll over and fetch and so forth.    One day in the park,  a man from the circus comes up to Mildred and Peanut and says “Hay, you found our missing elephant.   Peanut is very happy to be back with this circus friends, but Mildred is once again very lonely.   Then one day finds what she thinks is a stray kitten.  And takes the camel home to be her pet.    A really cute children’s story.  Peanut Highly Recommended.   Buy now $16.99