Same-Sex Marriage (YA)

same-sex-marriageAt the library,  in Junior and Young Adult non-fiction we have a large number of slim, hard-cover books about various highly controversial subjects.    Awhile back I reviewed Legalizing Drugs by Meryl Loonin,  in that case being quite impressed at the author’s ability to present both sides of a very divisive and compelling issue.

By contrast, Tricia Andryszewski’s Same-Sex Marriage  Moral Wrong Or Civil Right? was considerably more frustrating for me.   While Andryszewski does a reasonable job of presenting both the pro and con sides of the issue,  I frankly found it troubling that she presented opposition to same-sex marriage as being somehow morally equivalent to demanding that all citizens be treated equally.  (What part of “all” don’t they get?)    One fact noted in this volume is that among the youngest citizens,  acceptance of gay and lesbian rights– including marriage– goes Way up, suggesting that we are indeed moving forward towards being a more just and inclusive society.    Same-Sex Marriage Not Recommended.    Buy Now $37.25