decoysThe 700’s can be a very interesting area of the library to browse and shelve.    From books on art and artists, to pricing guides for all manner of collectibles, from book length comics and cartoons to all manner of crafts and crafting as well as games and sports.    The other day, while shelving at 745.5936  I came across Loy S Harrell Jr.’s  Decoys   Sixty Living and Outstanding North American Carvers.

Harrell has been collecting duck decoys for more than twenty-five years now.   Along with his wife, Rae,  Harrell has converted his Vermont property into a waterfowl refuge.    For each of the sixty featured carvers there is a biographical page giving some basic information about the carver then several full page photographs of each carver’s work.    The ducks themselves are utterly stunning, beautiful and very, very life-like.    Even though I have never hunted, or collected art for that matter,  I was quite, quite taken by these extraordinary photographs.    If you are a duck hunter or decoy collector, or even if you simply appreciate beautiful things  Decoys is Highly Recommended.   Buy now $45.00