Asian Dining Hamburger Rules America

hamburber-americaSteven A Shaw’s Asian Dining Rules purports to provide “essential strategies for eating out at Japanese,  Chinese, Southeast Asian, Korean and Indian restaurants.”   I was frankly under-whelmed.    While some of the information he provided about Korean and Southeast Asian cuisine was of interest to me,   I mostly resented the idea that I need this guy’s 20 dollar book to tell me how to go and spend money at a restaurant.     I suppose if you are a very inexperienced diner,  you might somewhat benefit from this guide to the basics of Asian restaurant dining in the United States.     Asian Dining Rules.   Not Recommended.

asian-dining-rulesGeorge Motz’s  Hamburger America is somewhat tastier.    Motz’s one man cross-country odyssey in search of America’s best burgers is reasonably entertaining,  though of necessity Motz’s selected burger havens are debatable.    It’s also inevitable I suppose that Motz would overlook some of my own favorite places.    Honestly,   I’m not sure that anyone really needs yet another guide to yet another list of 100 ‘best burger places’  across the US,  but if you want it,  Hamburger America is Recommended   Buy Now $19.95