Santa Clawed Bloody Mary

bloody-maryStarting off the new week and the new year with a couple of Monday mysteries.   J A Konrath’s Chicago is a very scary place. I am working my way back through the earlier Jack Daniels msyteries, having already read and blogged about the first and the latest titles. This time out one of Daniels’ subordinates in the Chicago Police Department is the bad guy. And it really is scary what an evil cop can do.

After a shoot out in a Chicago department store, in which officer Fuller kills his wife and wounds Daniels and is in turn wounded by Daniels, Fuller is hospitalized and it is discovered that he has a brain tumor. He claims to have no memory at all of his murder spree and successfully convinces a judge and jury that ‘the tumor made me do it’. The only problem is, he’s lying. He is also out to get Jack Daniels. In the end of course, Daniels prevails and Fuller is arrested and sent to prison.     For fans of the police procedural and particularly for those who have read other books in this series,  Bloody Mary is Recommended.  Buy now only $4.50.

santa-clawedI was really sorry that I was not able to read and review Rita Mae Brown’s latest Mrs. Murphy mystery, Santa Clawed,  before Christmas.   Unfortunately,  I only discovered this November 2008 release while shelving in the Mystery stacks on December 26th.   This time out Ms. Brown has a Christmas theme and blessedly little political sub-plot.    Two religious brothers at a small monastery up the mountain from Crozet, Virginia are found with their throats slit in the week just before Christmas.

A short time later Harry Harristeen’s animals discover a large container of cash on a distant corner of her property and lead Harry back to it,  whence Harry is knocked in the head and passes out.   It eventually develops that the preists were killed by the wife of a man who had been blackmailing the priests into having sex with him.    Santa Clawed is an engaging mystery and well worth reading.   Recommended.   Buy now $16.95