State By State A Ron Review

state-by-stateI am still busy reading about bees but am pleased to bring you today a Ron Review by my partner, Ron Routzahn.

When Alan brought this book home from the library I decided I wanted to read it. The book is State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America…compiled by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey. Each State entry is written by a somewhat famous writer who is from or has lived in the State they’re writing about.

The entries are varied. Some are better than others but all are evocative of the featured State. Most write about some aspect of their State. Some are a telling of their personal experiences in that State. I think how one views each essay will depend on their own personal taste or experience concerning the individual state. The one about Florida, where I grew up, while mostly concerning the writer’s own childhood in Key West, was very evocative to anyone who lived in Florida. Especially if they lived there in the time frame he’s writing about ie. the 70’s. While the one about Louisiana is mostly concerned with ghost hunting in New Orleans post Katrina. Which manages to evoke a sense of the history of the city and reiterate to those of us who lived there once, the unusual spirit of the city.

I’d recommend this book. Especially as it’s episodic nature makes for a book that can be read, put down, and gone back to when time permits.

A list of the essay writers and the states they’re writing about is on the back cover. I admittedly didn’t recognize a lot of the names. But the quality of each of the essays is pretty high, even though I liked some better than others…